Saturday, September 18, 2010

whirlwind tour

I have passed the one month mark...
And I am sliding into the six-week base.
My hormones are ALL over the place.
My memory is GONE.
Blogging has definitely taken a vacation - at least, a backseat in a very long extended cab.
My thoughts are all over the board - or universe.

Kind of like the song "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry {Which I seriously think -- in my manic self delusion grandiose state -- she wrote for me, seriously!!}

You... change your mind (because it is my prerogative)
Like a girl... changes clothes (have you seen my three girls' closets??)
Yeah you... PMS (hell yes! Because it is EXPECTED so why not use it?)
Like a bitch... I would know (not really, but I'll run with it!)
And you... over think (because I have way too much time on my hands... or because I'm female?!)
Always speak... cryptically (because I do live in "missy-land" and it is a great place to be)

I'm hot then I'm cold because my post partum state seems to have thrown my elderly body into menopause
I'm yes then I'm no because flakiness is symptomatic and habitual
I'm in then I'm out because have you seen my belly button??
I'm up then I'm down because I'm up then I'm down because I'm on a hormonal wave of ebbs and flows
He's wrong then I'm right because... just because!
I'm black then I'm white because there is just too much gray area to wade through

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