Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Q:  Did you really only gain 11 pounds?  (from M)

A:  Yes.  I just started FAT!  Plus I have a really great metabolism during pregnancy.  I can gain weight by just smelling food in my nonpregnant state.  (photo taken 3 days before birth)  At week 36, I was up 15 pounds but with the flu striking - I dropped 4 pounds and never gained it back.

Q:  Who do you write for? (from S)

A:  Myself.  I document my family's life (past and present) in a humorous light because life is just way too serious at times.  I only write for myself, I am not writing for an audience.   My blog is not for everyone ... if you don't like what I write... don't read it.  If you like what I write... then please share a laugh with someone else in your life today.  Life is too short not to smile.  Fake or otherwise.  :+)

Q:  Is your stuff true?  (from S#2, T, and J)

A:  Depends.  Depends on what stuff you are talking about??  Most of it.   

Q:  Are you on something?  (from Anon)

A:  No.  Past. Present. Future.

Q:  Do you drink?  (from L)

A:  No.  I have not had more than one glass (8 oz.) of beer in the last 9 years.  On July 9, 1988, I quit drinking all liquor except for the token glass of beer or wine.  The token kind where you just stand around with the same glass for six hours, not really drinking according to my drinking friends.

Q:  Does your husband read your blog? (from A)

A:  Probably not - we're still married!!

Q:  Do your parents read your blog and are you embarrassed by anything you write?  (from D)

A:  Embarrassed, no.  My parents are my only readers.  And they love me because they have to.  They live far away so this blog keeps them current.  And currently, it is six weeks behind. 

Q:  Do you work?  (from N)

A:  Yes, 24-7.  However, I am fortunate to stay home and do what I love -- be with my girls.

Q:  Do you blog because you are bored?  (from MJ)

A:  No.  I am not bored at home.  See Question #2.  Reiterate:  "I write for myself".

Q:  Why the age difference between your daughters and was it planned?  (from M#2)

A:  There are many reasons.  However, too many to explain here... maybe in a personal blog story.  I see a pattern... always a future story. 

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