Wednesday, July 6, 2011

effervescent shitstain

I love this color.   
I want to paint every wall this color.  I even love how the name just rolls off my tongue; effervescent shitstain.  Effervescent shitstain.  Effervescent shitstain.

"Hi, and welcome to my home.  It has been custom painted with effervescent shitstain." 

The heat has set in the south.  And holy guacamole, it is HOT.  Possibly on the verge of brain-fry over here. 

So, I highly recommend painting indoors as a way to spend your days.  And surely you know what color I am going to suggest:  effervescent shitstain. 

More importantly, for all of you in the depths of dog day summer, check out the best of "Damn You Auto Correct".  This is a most hilarious website. 

For more fun and laughs:

Seriously, you will bust out laughing and ... then have to explain your fits of laughter to your children.  or husband.  or whoever.

Are you hooked yet???

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