Friday, July 29, 2011



how many of us fret about yesterday?
the should have dones?  the should have beens?  the should have saids? the should have kicked?

you know what I say...
"who gives a flyin' flip, buttercup!!"

on a radio program, kidd kraddick in the morning, 106 fm for those of you in the dfw area.  and also for those of you who manage to be high-tech and listen on line or however you techies listen to radio programs (I sooo need a teenager under my roof), they have a similar call-in for the yesterdays and should-haves:  it is called "GET OVER IT!".

I get it. 
Get over it.
That is so yesterday.

We cannot control what other people think or say or do.  We are only responsible for ourselves.  But that is where the problem can occur.  Yes, amongst ourselves. "What?", you are wondering.  How can I possibly be responsible for saying or thinking or doing the wrong thing??

Well, sometimes we may do something unintentional.  But it happens.  And because of a lack of communication or misunderstanding -- words and actions can be misinterpreted. 

Like caller A:
I dated this girl, so I cheated on her... and you know what she did:  she shredded every shirt I owned. 
I say to her, "Get over I cheated, you were lousy in bed". 

So you know what I would say to Caller A:  you humongus a-hole.  you're lucky i wasn't your girlfriend, because you'd be saying more than get over it.  does "BOBBIT" mean anything to you?  And also, there is probably a reason for lousy in bed... she had you and tiny tim on top of her.   And shredding your shirts is the least of your troubles... get over it, yourself!!

Like caller B:
There's this girl who thinks that nobody likes her because she is too beautiful.  She is always talking about her beauty.  I say to her, "Get over are not that pretty."

Actually, I have to agree with caller B.  Pretty is so opinion.  What is pretty to one person may not be pretty to another.  And it is such a social faux-pas to announce your beauty in public.  That is what a mirror is for... preferably the mirror in snow white... so that it announces you're the fairest in the land any time you need an uplift.  So maybe caller B you can enlighten the beauty queen and let her know that her words are obnoxious and un-necesssary.  Sex and Beauty are like MONEY... Those who have it (really have it), DON'T talk about it. 

So "Get Over It" is kind of like my motto for today... don't let yesterday take up too much of today.  

Unless it is the good stuff.  The stuff that memories are made from.  The stuff we love.  The fluff we crave.  Who really cares about the bad stuff?  It's all good. 
Unless your bad includes living on the streets; jobless, homeless, familyless, and prideless.
An ill-fated comment from a friend... probably wasn't really what it seems.  A bad day on his/her end? 
People say things but the words can be interpreted in so many different ways.
Let's everyone have a "Get over it" kind of day.  Do what you want.  Say what you want.  Just not out loud.

Happy GET OVER IT day!
Happy Life is too short kind of day!
Happy cliche-sort of day!

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