Monday, July 18, 2011


I truly do not know what today is... until I post.  It gives me the day and time.  And for that, I am thankful. The only downside to that is when posting at night... because soon the day and time will be null and void.   I tend to lose track of time.  Perhaps, a therapist would have a name for this type of loss.  And I know it is not Alzheimers.  Is it? 

I do have an explanation for not knowing the date/time:  My favorite watch died a while back -- maybe a couple of years, maybe several months.  It had not left my wrist for twelve years or so and I haven't replaced it.  Because it is un-replaceable.

I suppose my sentimentality over a watch can be a good thing.

 Watch, sunglasses, house, children, husband.  My attachment is a good thing.  All mentioned attachments are irreplaceable.

Gotcha!  I correctly used irreplaceable... see, I do know how.   But I like to make up words (see all previous posts) yet there is one thing I have learned from having a child in elementary school:  According to certified teachers in the education system, "Using made up words is not a sign of creativity... it is a sign of 'who let you pass to the next grade?'"  But I am standing up to defend the CREATIVITY!!  And I would like to know who decided that unreplaceable is not a word?  And for that matter, why did he or she get to make that decision?  Why ir- instead of un-?   And what qualifications gave that decision maker the ultimate last say? 

Because in 1911, doctors and dentists did not have real degrees.  They just took a few classes and became titled with the moniker "doctor".   Perhaps, that is why middle-age was considered 25?!   So I would like to be an RE.  Why do I have to go to school for approximately 10 more years? 

So it is summer.  And it is hot. 
Don't you get tired of all the weather and food updates from random people?  Well, hot is hot.  And since it is summer in the northern hemisphere... most days are hot for everyone.
And food.  Really it is just food.  And taste is just an opinion.  

What I have learned this summer:

1.  Baby Powder.  Rub baby powder in your hair to rid your roots of shine (especially on these hot and humid days).  However, if your hair is dark (any hue containing brown) -- then do not try this at home.  Your hair will look funny!!

2.  Pool time is never long enough.  Whether it is 30 minutes or three hours.  It is never long enough.

3.  Your child will be bored at some point.  Hopefully, just not every day. 

4.  All the city parks close at 10:00am due to heat advisory and bad air.  (Trust me, this one is true!!  Well, in our house anyway!)

5.  SPF 50 every thirty minutes.

6.  All city activities resume after 7:00pm due to record high heat.  (Again, this is true in our house!)  

7.  Summers are too short. 

Happy Dog Days of Summer, Everyone!!

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