Monday, July 11, 2011

what is in a date?

I love 7.7
It's the star lovers day in Japan.  How great of a celebration is that?  All about star-crossed lovers that can meet only one day out of the year; weather permitting.   I have to say it is one of my favorite days of the year.  Not that I am star-crossed.  Nor do I have a lover.  But if I did, we would be star-crossed. 

However on this day (7.7), I have to admit, I look quite silly running around the yard with sparklers and poppers shouting my wishes and dreams upward into the waning blue sky. 

"I wish for 75 degrees year round"
"I dream of landing myself as an extra on NCIS"
"I wish for a sign... any damn sign"
"I dream of singing backup with Jimmy Buffett"
"I am wishing for edamame flavored popcorn to arrive in America!"

One year, my neighbor called my husband at work the following day to let him know that they are still working from home and that they could keep a closer eye on me if needed.  He told them something about my fascination with Asia.  So now every time I see neighbors A and B, they bow to me and speak very slowly and loudly. 

Or the time Neighbor C returned our RIP tombstone sign from Halloween.

Or the time a passerby circled around the block and reminded me that it's the seventh not the fourth.

Hey, thanks!!

I celebrate 7.7!  Alone. 

It's the sumo day that my neighbors should worry about.

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