Friday, July 22, 2011

multiple choice.

1.  A.
2.  B.
3.  BOTH.

That is the question I am currently faced with.  Cliche upon cliche, time flies the older one becomes.   And everyone says so.  And everyone says to new parents or parents of young children, "Enjoy their childhood because it all goes by too quickly."  And yes, it is true.   Why does their childhood pass so much faster than our own?

So, I am preparing for my XX chromosomal future.   Probably inundated with excessive hormones.  The weepy, manic, clingy, distant, raging, uncontrollable, emotional, irrational, sane, insane, rollercoastery, and even-keeled kind. 

A.  Do my future hormonal XX's receive this one as a gift?  {I just love a matching trio!}

B.  Or this one?  Is it wrong to hope that we skip the hormonal drama and just prepare ourselves for their college life?  In which B would be very apropos!

Or A and B.  A to get us through the hormones.  And B to get us through college.  Hopefully, not A and B at the same time.  Then, I would have to start drinking!  And clearly, there is not a "BITCH 4/DRUNK 4" Tee to be found!!

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