Friday, January 1, 2010


Can you believe it is 2011?
Personally, I cannot.

My brain still cannot grasp the concept that 1994 was like 17 years ago!  It feels like maybe 4 years ago.  NOT 17. 

A funny thing happened... sort of...

I was on a field trip with my girls to one of my favorite small towns in North Texas.  We were in the Town Square... enjoying all the shops, sights and colors. 

The first shop stopped me... and told me I look so familiar and was I from there.  Nope.

The second shop asked again, if I was from there because I looked familiar.  No again.

The third shop gasped.  And I almost kissed the clerk with gratitude.  She said that she was startled when I turned around because I looked like thee Kate Middleton.  Well, maybe on a good day like 20 years ago.  ha ha.  But really I asked her where I could get some delusional snacks too.

The fourth shop asked again if I grew up here... No.  Not even close.  By about 2100 miles.  I claimed that I must have one of those faces today... the kind that looks familiar... or perhaps someone here looks like Me.  Who knows??

Well, that wasn't it.

The fourth shop lady-- who by the way looks like my mother's age-- said I look like a girl she went to school with. 

I paused because I about puked. 

I just stared and stared at that lady... because she looks like she is about 64 !! 

Or... maybe she was having a bad age day.

I blindly grabbed for my girls hands, leaving, and shockingly said "NO, I am not from here"... and "I must really look tired today!!

My daughter who was listening, asked, "So who is supposed to be happy here?  Do you look OLD?  Or does that lady just think she LOOKS young??"

Personally, I am going with the Kate Middleton thing. 

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