Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a proper sentence?

my oldest daughter is quiet by nature.  she is thoughtful.  she is introverted.  she is serene.  she is shy.  until recently.  it is the second semester of school - which also means - oldest daughter begins to come alive.  she becomes more animated.  she is more comfortable.  she is very interested in sharing her life with her class.

teacher:  "we are going to discuss proper and improper sentences today."
teacher:  "can anyone think of an improper sentence?  for example, 'cat running', that is improper."

oldest daughter:  "yes, ma'am, i know one.  'i is going shopping'." 

teacher:  "excuse me!"

oldest daughter:  "i said i is going shopping.  i is going home.  i is doing my homework.  i is happy."  "i is, i is, i is, i is...."

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