Saturday, January 30, 2010

the equivalent of a litter

Occasionally, I have crazy, non-fantastical, disturbing, lunatic-like, wake up in a sweat kind of dreams. 

My latest nightmare:

I was at the obgyn's office for my first ultrasound because I thought I was pregnant.  "How can that be at my age?" is what you are really thinking!  [perhaps, I have not admitted my real age]  Well, I did fall pg ... and I am sure you all know how that *technically* happens.  And if you don't ... I am sure there is plenty of "how-to" literature on the 'net and blogosphere. 

So, at the obgyn's for the more favorable "check" ... an ultrasound to determine if I am truly pg.  As if the bloodwork is going to lie.  AND, the bloodwork numbers have been extremely HIGH.  Ultrasound tech #1 did the scan and abruptly stopped.  I questioned her reaction.  She reassured me that she just needed Dr. C's second opinion.  So Dr. C entered the room to review the ultrasound machine.  Shortly after viewing my internal baby holding cell, he exclaimed, "You are having the equivalent of a litter!" 

"So was it "SUPER SWIMMERS" or Was it "SUPER OVA"?  I curiously, quietly question.

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