Saturday, January 16, 2010

embarrassing or not, they still come home with us

We are having a lovely outing at the park today since it is roughly 60 degrees.  A few other families have ventured to the park as well, since we have all been couped up for days with twenty degree highs. 

Littlest one "T", my most drama-queen-ish one, is preoccupied by a tantrum-throwing four year old boy.  The four year old is lying on the yellow slide, face down, feet in the sand, hands covering eyes, and squelching out the worst FAKE boy cry you have ever witnessed. 

Littlest "T" is studying this display with great admiration and curiosity.  Older "T's" are in their own little play world yet occasionally try with great determination to distract Littlest "T" from this tantrum scene.  Littlest "T" plays intermittently but always comes back to check on the tantrum boy. 

Eventually tantrum boy decides to leave the slide and continue his tantrum in his mother's arms.  I gotta believe it was due to Littlest "T" staring.  She was anything but discreet. 

So, as soon as tantrum boy leaves, my Littlest "T" goes over to the yellow slide.  She lays face down on the slide, covers her face with her hands, and begins to WAIL in her loudest FAKE girl cry.  She mimics the tantrum boy - exactly!  I pretend not to notice as I cover my mouth to avoid laughing.  The Older "T's" hear their sister and come running. 

"MOM!  Get her up ... she's making fun of that boy!"

"Who?  I don't know that little girl!"

Another child's dad is standing nearby and as I look up to meet his eye, he is laughing uproariously!

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