Friday, January 29, 2010

"done with poo*!"

eldest daughter came home from the "Pet Zone" determined to convince her dad that our house needed one more pet.  the city limit is three.  and we do, in fact, have a vacancy for one more furry or not-so-furry resident.

"dad, i want a dog!"


"but this little dog WILL have little poop"


"little tiny whoopy doo-doos!"


"well i did see a mommy white mouse who just had babies.  nine babies.  can i have one of the babies?"


i interject, "she will even take an ugly little white feeder mouse as a pet -- now that is caring!"

"but dad, i know a lady who will come pick up the poop for only ten dollars - she's called the 'poop-n-scoop lady'". 

"and maybe the 'poop-n-scoop lady' will cost less if we have a teeny tiny white mouse."

"done with poop," my husband confidently expressed to his daughters. no dogs. no cats. no mice. no bunnies. no pets. none. nada. zip. nil. nothing. noone. nobody. zilch. nein. ie.

apparently, husband doesn't read the blog... because clearly we are SO not done with poop. (see 1/28 post)

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