Sunday, January 24, 2010

word of the moment

I pulled the dust-covered Webster's Dictionary off of the top shelf.  Ah, I have not seen this dear friend in a long time... guessing since the LSAT test... a few years ago. 

The letter tabs are completely worn off.  With all the technology these days, the words of the day from various web-sites, the on-line dictionaries, the on-line thesauruses ... my beloved blue dictionary has been forgotten.

I am going to open up the dictionary - at this precise moment - as I am typing this blog - and pick a word. 

The word is ...

page 901.  right hand column. that is where my prosthetic index pointer finger landed. 

Frankly, I doubt this word would EVER end up as a WORD OF THE DAY on any given web-site.  It is a new word for me... and again, I doubt I would EVER use this word in daily conversation - except...

The definition is...

n.  (pear-a-fi-zz-us) one of the sterile filaments accompanying the spore-carrying or sexual organs of certain fungi.
... except perhaps to refer to someone I despise (you know who you are) as a quixotic paraphysis.   One who has a very sterile personality.  And I am quite sure he is some kind of polycystic boil who resembles fungus!

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