Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Big Glamour DON'T

I like to take walks through a neighboring neighborhood that has a walking trail, a playground, and a lake.  It is a beautiful area of town and a great place to bring the family.  And don't forget to pack some heat.   

However, the park area tends to attract characters at all times of day.  The kind who would definitely be caught on the GLAMOUR DON'T page.  And definitely not in "Runner's World".

Sidenote:  And who created these fashions?  I know the fashion trends are NOT arriving from the European Runways. 

Although the area surrounding this park is really quite lovely, the loveliness cannot be captured in this grey dreary photo... but trust me... it is a lovely area.  However, it is also privy to problems as are all park areas.  Drugs. Murders. Theft. 

I always carry my camera. For photo ops of my children. Not for spying on random people. But I couldn't resist this photo because...

1.  I am supposed to call the police when I spot suspicious activity according to the neighborhood association that I pay annual dues.  (Which I never do)
2.  I never know what is exactly suspicious activity.  Except with the recent neighboring murders, I am trying to be more aware. 
3.  This person stood outside of this home and made a phone call.
4.  I strolled by, minding my own business.
5.  Person went to the East side of home and hid behind a very large bush.  To relieve himself?  To converse in private?  To break-in?  To take a nap?

Conversation with the police:

Me:  "I apologize for calling, but there is a man acting suspicious outside of a home that is not his residence.  And now he has disappeared around the side of the house where there is no obvious entrance unless you count the window."

Police:  "Has he entered the home yet?"

Me:  "I don't know... I have children with me and I am not willing to wait for him." 

Police:  "Well, there isn't anything we can do at this time."

Me:  "Would you like the address so that you can drive by and keep an eye on this home, I feel that the owners would be very appreciative?"

Police:  "No, just give us a call back after he has completed his break-in and has stolen goods in his possession.  And remember, he must be exiting the house, not entering."

PS   according to the 10:00 news, this home was broken into and an undisclosed list of items were stolen.  If anyone has information regarding this incident, please call the police hotline with your anonymous tips. 

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