Monday, July 26, 2010

"5" - today's rating

So, how exactly did we catch the FLU?

Was it the cashier who coughed on our receipt?
Was it the toddler who had a runny nose?
Was it the child at gymnastics who did not want to "skip" a class?
Was it the restaurant - sticky seats, unkempt booth, and tabletop breeding bacterium?
Was it church?
Was it the germ harbouring but never catching neighbor?

Three of us are down and one to go...

I have always been healthy during prenancy.  Never sick.  Maybe a slight sinus cold.  Maybe a few headaches.  But never the flu.

Can I just tell you that being 36 weeks pregnant and catching the stomach virus is so NOT fun?  No, it is not morning sickness.  Nor is it third-trimester sickness.  Nor is it food poisoning.  It is the stomach flu.  And it hurts!!!

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