Thursday, July 8, 2010

a summer fix


A day spent in the sun with old-fashioned fun;  the "slip-n-slide".  Slurping colorful popcicles before they melt into a puddle of rainbow colors.   Sticky hands rinsing away under a green hose.  Laughter echoing in the yard.  Smiles as wide as a dualie. 

(and yes, I have lived in the south for a long time... and I just learned the definition of a dualie.  in fact, I believe I just saw my first one!  never even noticed them before!  dualies seem to be everywhere.)

A great read for sisters:  "Sisters" by David McPhail

PS please follow the enclosed directions and pick up the slip-n-slide when the water is turned off... or else your hubby will come home to a 16 FOOT BURNT PIECE OF GRASS.  BROWN as DEAD.  DEAD as a Doornail.  And the laughter will all be a distant memory!!

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