Sunday, July 18, 2010

concepts of life

Recently, I have been completely and totally off-schedule.  That is, IF I actually HAD a schedule.  I would have been completely OFF. 

My husband has been home on vacation.  And since I currently cannot travel outside of a twenty mile radius, we had a staycation at home.  Inside our home.  Not downtown at a bed and breakfast.  Not in the country.  I think I will travel to the Maldives when my ten months/280 days are up.  ALONE. 

I am on the verge of NESTING.  But I cannot seem to find the time to NEST.  Because I am too busy cleaning up after several people.  Because I am preoccupied with cooking three meals a day AND for some reason, cereal and chicken nuggets are not a part of this world.  Because I am on bedrest AND I am so NOT complaining. 

So, hubby is NESTING for me with projects that have been written in ink (or blood) on his "Honey-Do" list for two years and two months (NOT that I am actually counting!).  

He is returning to work after a long stay-cay.  And on Sunday -- the eve of his return to working and cubicles and offices and computers and meetings and some other technical analytical words in his world -- he announces, "This will be a sad day when it ends".

I was thinking aloud AGAIN and I accidentally responded, "NOT for some of us". 


I am really looking forward to my inpatient hospital stay.  Maybe I can stay longer?!

OOPS, again.

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