Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a bottomless pit

what kind of person are you?

And since every person on this planet knows the psychological babble theory behind half-full and half-empty, I assume that 99.9% of the population answers "HALF-FULL" regardless of the way they feel that day.  Because who really wants to admit to paying for therapy because their attitude and life and whole being are really "HALF-EMPTY".  You kind of don't need a therapist for that analysis!  Just "Google" it for free. 

I usually feel like a "full" kind of person (purposefully ignoring the HALF) ... honestly, even on a "trying" kind of day.  Even in a sarcastic sort of way.  "Half-full" is just average.  The big MEDIOCRE.  And who really wants to be JUST average?  Don't we all want to be Above Average?  Some may even strive to be Below Average.  But average... it is just as CLOSE to the BOTTOM as it is to the TOP.  Don't we all really want to be a little closer to the Top? 

So if you are stuck in the empty, there aren't even any stairs to climb out.  But if the glass were half-full or closer to full, you could float around on an inflatable raft... 

And on my raft, I would have the following items within arm's reach:

An ice-filled chest of diet coke 
An endless supply of ripe and juicy watermelon
An engaging summer read
A mist-er, that sprays water at random intervals
A sereness
A calmness
A blue sky
A palmtree skyline
A breeze
A cabana man
Happy music
And no stairs so that I could stay in the pit forever!

Cheers to Happy Pits!  And Cherry Pits!  And Half-Full and Half-Empty Glasses!  Cheers to All of It!


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