Saturday, July 10, 2010

a taste of summer

How about just a plate of tri-colored bell peppers for lunch?
or dinner?
Personally, I think this is so much better than popcorn kebabs!
or marshmallow skewers!
Party menus are on my mind.
Party food is on the menu.

I am sitting here planning a special family celebration.
No surprises.  No gigantic parties.  No gags.

My wonderful husband will soon be celebrating a birthday... a big ONE.
like the big FIVE-OH.

I cannot believe it.
As I am sure he cannot believe it, as well.
He looks great for being two weeks shy of 50.
He looks young.  He acts young.  He thinks young.  Hell, he is young!
I wonder what he will look like in two more weeks!?

And just think, he will be 50 for two weeks before his third girl is born.
Unless, she graces us with early presence.

Ahhhh, the big FIVE-OH.

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