Friday, December 10, 2010

Early Dementia?

Signs that I am losing it:

1.  I told a mommy friend that we would meet her after "hockey" practice. 
Well, as far as I know, nobody in my family plays HOCKEY.  I don't even think it is hockey season.  I cannot even imagine where the word hockey surfaced from inside my brain?!  I was not even thinking about hockey.  The word just blurted out.

2.  I did an oversized load of darks.
Except I forgot to add the clothes.

3.  A friendly stranger asked me, "What is your baby's name?!"
With a serious straightface, I replied, "PEARL".  And although it may be her middle name, we don't even remotely refer to Alexandra as "Pearl"... we occasionally call her "Alex"!

4.  I wrote the date September 27, 2010 on a check yesterday.
The cashier kindly told me that I could not backdate a check by ten weeks.  So now I ask where have the last three months gone??

5.  After the cashier told me the exact date that we are currently on, I called "V's" school to see if I paid tuition this month because I could not believe that it was already the 10th of December. 
So, the lovely lady that answers the school phone informed me that I actually paid twice this past week... and would I like the second check to cover January's tuition?

6.  I took my Little "P" to her fun day school on Wednesday.
The school director smiled and politely reminded me that I was a day early.  But they indeed looked forward to seeing Little "P" the following morning ... at 9:00 am. 

7.  Currently I do not have a watch so I am usually early or late.  Never on time.  On Monday, I was really early -- by two months to be exact -- for a dental appointment. 
I was humiliated.  I have spent the week contemplating and fighting the urge to find a new dentist. 

Could this "mommy brain fog" be a post-partum issue?
Doesn't it go away?
Is it the lack of sleep?
Is it anxiety?
Is it dementia?
Is my plate too full?

I am seriously thinking about POAS (for those of you who don't know this acronym:  peeing on a stick) -- I lose my brain when I fall pregnant.  But surely that cannot be it.  In fact, there is pretty much no way that can be it!!  Well, I must go and finish that bottle of Pinot before I think any further about POAS. 

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