Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December 1st!

Dear Readers (Mom and Dad):

I am frightfully busy today ...
scraping week-old crap off the walls;
scrubbing non-washable markers off the furniture;
polishing holiday silver;
cursing somebody's mess;
complaining to my confidant;
phoning red light enforcement;
holding for the heater repair man;
drinking wine between items on the to-do list;
giving up on waiting for the in-between time;
guzzling wine AND doing the to-do list;
sweeping up piles of (edible) goldfish;
mopping up questionable liquified puddles;
texting sweepstakes numbers;
practicing "winner's face" for Publisher's Clearinghouse;
laughing as neighbor falls flat on her face after tripping over curb;
planning a vacation with lotto winnings;
dreaming of sanity;
wishing for Santa;
dreading the buzz kill;
continuing of imbibation;
napping to forget it all!

I'll write again when my list is complete.  Possibly January 1st. 
Until then, "Cheers"!
~ m

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