Thursday, December 2, 2010

One Year Complete

So, it is 11:59 pm as I write this note to myself.  A self-pity note.  A note of truth.

My year of NO SHOPPING is officially OVER.  COMPLETE.  FINI.

I sucked.

Actually, I more than sucked.

I totally sucked.

There were days that I did really well at staying home.  Well, away from cash registers, anyway.  And some of those good days added up to weeks.  The weeks even added up to three entire months.  25%.  I had some will-power.  But not nearly enough...

Shopping lesson #1:  Be pregnant.  The morning sickness, daytime sickness, and evening sickness will definitely CURE you of the urge to shop!  However, I don't think I can spend the next 120 months being pregnant!!  Permanently pregnant; how's that for The Enquirer?  Perhaps there is a "pill" one can ingest to "fake" pregnancy when the shopping desire takes over one's brain.

Shopping lesson #2:  In certain weak moments, I kept finding "just one look" excuses shoved in my front pockets like lost pennies.  I had to use them.  On something.  Anything.  Because a penny is still a coin.  A viable coin.  Don't carry loose change.  You will want to spend it. 

Shopping lesson #3:  Tssk.  Tssk.  Tssk.  I'm thinking that my ex is probably quite glad he cheated on me. 

Shopping lesson #4:  The "two-bin" system exists in factories... but should not in one's entire home!!!

Shopping lesson #5:  Lean.  Sigma Six Strategies did not save me from the department stores, boutiques, on-line stores, or the Galleria!   I think I need a stronger intervention.  Like free-flowing WINE to keep myself occupied.

Shopping lesson #6:  Learn from your mistakes.  Control the amount of expenditure by setting limits.  For example, select ONLY one item vs. the-no-conscious-idea-of-what-happened-its-way-into-the-cart item. 

Shopping lesson #7:  Look at the total sale amount before you sign your name.  or before you get home.  or before you go to bed.  At the end of the month, the bill won't be such a surprise!

Shopping lesson #8:  Just stay home.  Get your pedometer and take walks.  It saved me the first month.  BUT... taking walks at the mall doesn't count.  I was doing great while walking at home, putting in a lot of miles, until a co-spender suggested I meet her at the mall to walk! 

Shopping lesson #9:  Just stay looped. 

Shopping lesson #10:  Try it again!  But let's begin on January 1st this time!  And we'll set new rules.  New accountability.  New ideas.  New standards.  MAYBE even a REWARD system!!!  I am dreaming of a visit to Tiffany's on December 31, 2011.  In fact, 'what about "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?  I think I remember the film, and as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it!!'   So TIFFANY's IT IS!!

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