Wednesday, December 29, 2010

furry friends

furry friends that need food, shelter and water?
one furry friend that needs a lot of space?

Twas the night before Christmas Eve, and all through the house,
the phone was a ringing, perhaps it's my spouse.
But really who can it be?
Why it's the Hallmark Store... when you care enough to send the very best.
Yes, this is me.
Why, that is the most fantastic surprise I have ever heard of ... today.
So we jumped in the car to see what was the matter.
We arrived with a bang because we looked bedraggled of course.
Congratulations, they said.
He needs a good home. 
BUT will he fit in a "Mini"???

My darling daughter #2 is having a good luck moment.  She won this DOG in a drawing at our local Hallmark store.  All because I visited about two weeks ago in search of the "Bathroom Snowman".  BUT all I found was the "Refrigerator Snowman".  Upon my exit, I noticed a small box.  I wrote down a name and slipped it in.  Not really aware of what I was "trying" to win.  Well this GIGANTIC dog is sitting in the playroom now.  Taking up a lot of space.  Yay for FUN drawings. 

My darling daughter #1 won a pair of FIRST CLASS ROUNDTRIP TICKETS to anywhere in the WORLD that AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIES... when she was 3 years old.  My husband and I had a fabulous Eastern European Vacation ... I suppose she'll hate us when she finds out that we traveled and left her at her grandparents.  It's four years later and I still have the phone message claiming our amazing WIN.   And while we were on our trip, her grandparents wrote her name on a raffle ticket at a carnival... where they won a gigantic TV. 

So, go ahead and use daughter#2's name for any drawings you see... she just may win you something TOO.

AND Perhaps darling daughter #3 will win the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes??!! 

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