Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a man in uniform

Today started like any regular, normal, ordinary day in the "T" household.  One attending full-day school, one napping, one working, one day-dreaming and one playing.

The doorbell rang.
Which in itself is an oddity.  Since we were doorbell-less for nine years.  Something about "cutting" the wrong wires when I was cleaning.  Yeah, don't ask!  In those nine years, we didn't miss the bell.  Really.  So, when it does chime I barely recognize it.  Usually I think it is the kids playing with their electronic toys.   And since the wire mishap in 2001, technology has advanced itself in the form of WIRELESS DOORBELLS.  Yipee!!  We have been saved from a big re-wiring project that involved crawling around in a one-hundred degree attic!

So, the wireless doorbell chimed.

And it was Mr. Fed-Ex.

Since I was armed with 3 month old baby, Mr. Fed-Ex offered to bring my boxes inside the foyer (new testing shoes have arrived; one for walking and one for running!!)  And that is when it happened!

"P" came around the corner to see who was "visiting".  She had been playing whatever it is two year olds play ... not sure she even realized what she was playing. 

Mr. Fed-Ex:  "Well, NOW, I have SEEN everything!"

Me:  "Yeah, well, I uhhh...."

Mr. Fed-Ex:  "This is great."

Me:  (silently) "Could it get any worse?" 

Mr. Fed-Ex:  "My sister-in-law is pregnant, do you mind if I take your daughter's picture and send it to her?"

Me:  "Go ahead.  I am not sure if I should be embarrassed or not?!"

Mr. Fed-Ex:  "This has made my day."

"P" is sporting her ball-baby-belly; announcing to Mr. Fed-Ex that she has tummy-sick and she goes to her pretend kitchen sink and vomits. 

Me:  I smiled as if to say that this play was exactly what happens daily in our house.
(internal conversation) "Glad it made someone's day because I am in dire need of a double shot {espresso, people}!" 

Toddler Lesson #1938:  one can never quite know what to expect from a precocious personality.

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