Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Run, Penguin, Run!

I love this fun run. 
I really love the trophies:  Penguins!

So, it was my oldest daughter's debut at her first chip timed race of two miles.  She was competing for a trophy and not the everyone-who-finishes ribbon.  Her nerves really kicked in before the race since we had not really been practicing our daily runs.  More like a couple-of-times-a-week runs.

The weather was perfect for a morning race.  Even my little "P" competed in the 1K and she ran the entire (.6) mile.  At the end, she started waving to the cheering bystanders.  She had so much fun.  She did not even consider riding as I strolled along-side (behind) her.

Little "P" finished in 10:17 !  Wow !  Well, we (the parent goggles) thought it was Wow !

Little "P" finishing the race and receiving her RIBBON !

And here comes "V" !  She kicked it in at the end to finish in 18:52 according to her chip!  The photo is a lot blurry because it was so exciting to see her round the corner and race toward the finish line in a much faster anticipated time (I was counting on 21 minutes ... she "showed" me!) that I was jumping all around with fast cheery hands!

And the Results are IN:
"V" placed 2ND in her age group !!

PS  this winning photo is a lot blurry because her dad was soooo excited that she placed in her first timed race ever!  His hands were all shaky from proudness!  Husband is a serious runner (may have bragged about his running talent a lot before...) with sub-18 minute PR 5Ks; sub-36 minute PR 10Ks; sub-2:46 PR marathons!  With those PR times ... I can boast!  Can't I??

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