Sunday, June 14, 2009

CALM -- a very serious post, no funnies today.

The commercial advertisement mitigation act was introduced on 3 June 2008.

The act proposes that advertisements on television must be of average decibels. Currently, the decibel can be as loud as the loudest decibel heard on the program you are viewing. (Which, in my opinion, is quite loud.)

When the program cuts to a commercial, the volume is immediately elevated! The commercial's entirety can be heard in the loudest decibels. UGH.

That explains the "mute" button. Or the continuous lowering of the volume every ten minutes. (Especially if you are trying to record! Legally? Illegally?) Or the closed-caption button... commercials are rarely available in closed-caption!

Now if we can ONLY get relief from the LAUGH TRACK. (Do we really need a laugh track to guide us in laughter? What are we, imbeciles? defunctive laughers?)

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