Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just hot air ...

Eggs for breakfast, anyone?

It's 6:19 am and it is 81 degrees! It's 8:17 am and it is 89 degrees! It's 10:46 am and it is 96 degrees!

100 degrees and the temperature is climbing...

103 degrees and the temperature has stabilized...

This is not even including the heat index. Screw the heat index. What do we need a friggin' heat index at 103 for?

So, join us gathered 'round the cement pond for some fried eggs! We are doing an experiment and hopefully, we'll get breakfast out of the deal!

The rest of the day will be spent in a horizontal NAKED position, unmoving, afraid to stir up any hot air. (Yes, there is a/c in Texas but at 103 plus the heat index does it really help when you have to move around? And I'll put my clothes on IF anyone dares to come over!)

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