Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NOT a Hallmark

To Someone Special
On Her Birthday
Hope your day is filled
with fun and laughter.

"Enjoy your spending money!" from Granny

The envelope was empty, yet addressed to me on my birthday. And I don't even have a "Granny". (But I do know who the card was from and I do believe it was NOT a joke.)

In our household, this card has become the "Birthday" joke. In distasteful humor, we now mail empty birthday cards to family members and friends with the insincere greeting "Enjoy your spending money!"

Ten months have passed. Sixteen cards have been mailed and delivered. One thank you note received (for the nonexistent birthday money). One familial suggestion of "gift cards" for children's birthdays. Zero phone calls have been received.

Why won't anyone call and claim their forgotten birthday money???

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