Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3-in-1 Strong

Spinach? No.
Cleaning Product? No.
Spouse, Partner or Significant Other? No.
Disinfectant? No.
Deodorant? No.
Fragrance or Perfume? No.

Coffee. Yes, Coffee. Yes, Instant Coffee. Yes, Coffee in a long, narrow, green packet - tear open, just add hot water and stir. Yum! Coffee.

3-in-1. Coffee. Milk? Sugar?

That is my guess because the product is written in a foreign language and I can only translate: 3-in-1 Strong Nescafe Coffee. And it is also available in 3-in-1 Mild. But who wants to drink MILD? I would prefer 4-in-1 Strong ... the 4 being extra caffeine!

Honestly, this is THE best INSTANT coffee. I prefer BLACK coffee. But this instant coffee is truly good and perfect for any of us on-the-go-types.

In America, we have a large quantity of coffee brands and flavors. My 3-in-1 is produced by Nescafe. So, why doesn't Nescafe sell this particular coffee in America? It is sold in the European Markets - Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Romania... I would definitely keep Nescafe in business. I would be very loyal to Nescafe. (Nescafe does sell instant coffee in America but it needs to be the specific 3-in-1 STRONG.)

Please go to and click on contact to bring this most amazing instant caffeinated beverage to America.

Anyone going to Europe? I need my 3-in-1 FIX! Please send. I have finished my last packet.

A close second is the Douwe Egberts brand. Send Douwe Egberts if 3-in-1 Strong is unavailable. Just send caffeine!

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