Saturday, June 6, 2009

Response from Nescafe

Nescafe actually acknowledged my email request for 3-in-1 Strong. Maybe there is HOPE!

June 5, 2009
Dear Melissa,
Thank you for contacting Nestlé® on the Internet regarding availability. We welcome questions and comments from our consumers.
Each Nestlé market evaluates whether a product has the potential to be successful in their country in light of local consumer preferences. Nescafe 3-in-1 Strong is not currently distributed or sold in the United States by Nestlé USA. Although Nestlé does not offer direct sales, you may be able to search the Internet for sites that may offer foreign Nestlé products for direct purchase.
Our company strives to offer quality products and packaging to the greatest number of customers possible. We will report your comments to our marketing personnel.
We appreciate your interest in our products.
Consumer Response Representative Ref: xxxxxxxxx

OR maybe not. Mommy brain has taken over both hemispheres and it never occurred to me to GOOGLE! I just bypassed the GOOGLE brainchild and went directly to Nescafe... who, more or less, reminded me to use my BRAIN! I located some 3-in-1 but it is from the Asia consumer market. And I know Europe and Asia are not the same continents. So, the 3-in-1 probably IS different. But considering I am completely depleted of my 3-in-1 stash ... the Asia Market may be better than NOTHING.

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