Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a little bit of heaven...

The signs announce "Do Not Touch"!
The signs announce "Look Only"!

We spent about two hours browsing this teeny little corner shop, deciding which chocolate to bring home. The salespeople were so friendly, letting us taste little samples: 42%, 55%, 64%, 72%, 80%, 82%, 86%, and 90% cacao.

How can we get this delicious chocolate back to America? The salespeople suggest 'shipping'. However, it is only possible with a wholesale order. And, that is an extraordinary amount of chocolate for two people (it's not like we're going to share).

After much deliberation I admired the chocolate replicas of famous sites in Berlin. I was scowled at as I got much too close. I was escorted out with a severe frown ... perhaps, it was the lick or the little corner I tried to pry loose.

But unfortunately for Rausch, the signs do not announce, "Do Not Eat"! Nor do they announce, "Do Not Lick"!

Too bad for me... I never got to place my wholesale order. And the corner I pried loose was obviously shellacked with some non-edible spray. UGH.

But spiritually, on that day, I discovered ... There is a "Chocolate god" ... and HE exists in Berlin!

Please send chocolate from Berlin!

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