Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I love my watch. I love my watch. (I love my husband.) I love my watch. (I love my kids.) I love my watch. I love my watch. I love my watch.

Timex Ironman Triathlon. Black. Velcro Band. 12H. 24H. Two Timezones. Indiglo. 100 meters. 100 lap memory. Lap/Split. Chrono mode. Timer mode. Alarm mode. 5 ALARMS! Alarm 1 currently set for CST. Alarm 2 currently set for EST. Alarm 3 currently set for England. Alarm 4 currently set for Slovakia. Alarm 5 ALWAYs set for Japan.

I have barely removed my beloved watch since July 11th, 1998. The day I decided to RUN a MARATHON. Never mind the small details, like I had never even RUN ONE FLIPPIN' MILE BEFORE JULY 11th.

A few years later, watch still on wrist, the Wedding Coordinator insisted that I remove my watch before "Our Ceremony". Like husband would have cared... he loves my watch, too! So, two minutes before strolling down the aisle, WC pried watch from wrist and I vehemently tucked it under my silk train (thank God for velcro). And thank God ONLY alarms 3 and 4 sounded during the LONG ceremony!

Since our wedding, I have received 37 WATCHES as gifts! Not from my husband, REALLY, he loves my watch! But from MY MOTHER and FATHER. From my In-Laws. From my sisters. From my Grandparents. From my NEIGHBOR! YUP, 37! Perhaps, these are HINTS. Because surely, they all remember that last year they gifted me with a watch as well.

PS Look for NIB watches on eBay!

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