Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friendless in FW

Children enjoy playdates. They look forward to them. They get excited about them. At the thought of them. Pre. During. Post. The thrill of playing with a BFF. The thought of having devoted playtime. Play at home, outdoors, at a park, or at a playdate venue (which there is no shortage here in Texas for money-paying mommies). Playdates can cost money... especially if you take your children and their friends to a water park, Disney World, the Bahamas, or your playroom.

Playroom? Yes, your own playroom. You know, the one you spent $15,000 on in just the 660 square foot addition alone. Plus the $2500 for the muralist to paint a most fantastic scene. The one filled with just the right storage shelves, located on page 24 of Pottery Barn Kids catalog (Averaging $3,499 for storage) The bins of the storage shelves filled with the PERFECT toys. Baby Einstein toys (because, yes, we are smart!), Leapfrog toys (because, yes, we are NOT technologically challenged!) and Imported toys! The mini coaster to the right. The ice hockey game to the left. The toys that NOBODY is allowed to touch UNLESS there is a playdate scheduled! (Because they cost too damn much!)

Yup, we could have gone to McDonald's like 8000 times.

So, we DO a lot of Playdates. Like daily. During the summer.

ONLY twenty nine days till school begins. I am counting the days. I am exhausted. I am wishing we had no playroom. No pool. No fun. No friends.

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