Monday, July 20, 2009

A Skewed Survey

I recently took a survey regarding shopping. I honestly answered the questions and I was feeling very proud of myself. Until... husband walked in and peered at my answers and results.

Husband states, "YOU do NOT shop LESS than other people! You 'POSSIBLY' shop less than a personal shopper! You spend as much as a professional shopper! ARGGHHHH"

I could discover a way to get paid to shop!?

I thoughtfully consider his rage, "Is it the bazillion dollar playroom? Is it the $72 T-shirt? Is it the $851 receipt from Gymboree (I bought the entire new collection and received 17 Gymbucks)? Is it the $590 receipt from Justice (I did receive 11 Justice Bucks Cards)? Is it the $334 receipt from the Uniform Store (the kids MUST wear uniforms to school)? Is it the $442 receipt from Boutique A (the one with the most 'adorable = expensive' smocked dresses)?"

I should have passed on the $72 T-shirt (right). I guess that was a difficult purchase to justify. However, a much better justification than the $300+ Gorilla Tee (left)!!

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