Thursday, July 2, 2009


I don't watch tv. I only appear on the computer once daily. I don't listen to the radio. It is a very quiet house ... except for the children. I often get the question, "What DO you do? A couple of answers come to mind, but the most innocent ...

I drink.

I pretend I am on a secluded beach with lots of sunshine, sand, and beach music. I make fruit smoothies for breakfast at seven every morning... the healthy kind... strawberries, bananas, plain yogurt, and ice (and 'Malibu Rum' after I remove the appropriate amount for the children). Children should not be weaned on rum. Well, on second thought, milk and rum ... in the bottles? Perhaps worth considering.

Really, 'Malibu Rum' isn't like drinking at all. Can't even taste it! Can't even feel it! But it is a wonderful 'mood enhancer' ... all beachy and coconuty.

My latest plead is for an xm radio. Inside. Not the car. I don't spend enough time driving during the summer. So, inside. I want to be able to listen to radio margaritaville all day. I am begging.

Husband: "What do you need that for?"
Me: "just think, all day, margaritaville indoors - you would have one helluva happy wife!"
Husband: "you're already happy... and why is that?"
Me: "true..."
Husband: "besides, turn on the stereo... all five are already and always filled with Buffett CDs anyway."
Me: "true..."
Husband: "plus, the car... not only do you have all five stations programmed to XM55, but every CD is Buffett!"
Me: "inside satellite radio would be so convenient"
Husband: "for what?"
Me: "obviously, probably NOT getting an indoor radio."

So I can be found, post-smooth-smoothies, sitting in my car for the rest of the day!

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