Sunday, July 5, 2009

Post 4th of July Menu

Breakfast: It is in the refrigerator unless you are taking us to IHOP. (hee hee)

Snack: The baby seems to prefer dirt, let's all try it! The pediatrician recommends one bite before 'passing'. Good rule to implement today!

Lunch: Whatever is quick... Popcorn? Marshmallow kebabs? Melted 'Parade' candy? Who has the phone number for 'PF Changs'?

Snack: Pool water with lemon? Something from the compost pile (didn't I just put watermelon rinds in there yesterday?)?

Dinner: Have we had cereal today? Corn Flakes? Cheerios? Cat food niblets dunked in milk?

Snack: a six pack of beer? bottle of wine? that old bottle of Tequila from 1991? Oh, and for the children, hell, why not mix up some lemonade and beer? Or dried up cheerios stuck to the floor? (I think they would prefer the beer!)

As for next week, I promise to cook (fingers crossed)!

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