Monday, May 18, 2009

Compost or Bust!

We compost. Not the fancy-schmancy kind of composting. We did not purchase an expensive compost bin or dirt or worms.

We compost naturally. Organically. Greenly.

We dug a hole in our garden and began throwing in peels from fruits and vegetables. Only!

If you build it, worms will come. The worms are extremely FAT. And no expenses were incurred.

If you build it, bugs will come. And other creatures.

Every morning, Victoria and I go outside looking for clues. Usually the cantaloupe rinds are twenty feet away from the compost pile. The apple cores are missing. The celery stalks have also disappeared. The potato ends remain (creature does not like raw potatoes).

We do know that it is not our cats. The cats prefer the good stuff. Not garbage food. And, Victoria deduced that it cannot be a rat family -- unless it is an extremely large rat. I am hoping it is not a rat family!

Last night, as we were cleaning up the backyard, the cats became very quiet and slowly started to creep toward the garden. We also stood frozen in our tracks for no real reason - just following the cats.

The mystery is solved!

We discovered the animal that is living under our deck and feeding off the compost pile...
a cute, lonely, 'possum named Spunky!

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