Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucky Charm Revisited

Whatever happened to the superstitious feet? You know the ones that were mass produced into key chains. Dyed in a multitude of colors to suit your fancy. The lucky rabbit foot!

As a young child, a lucky rabbit foot appeared to be the “in” charm of the 70's. And if you were “lucky” enough to be a licensed driver, then you may have had a foot dangling from your keys (to ward off accidents? to ward off being locked out of your car? to put a hex on slow driver A?).

Of course, I was too young to drive but that did not alter my desire to have and carry a lucky rabbit foot. I just really wanted one!

My dad, an avid sportsman, improvised. He hunted dinner rabbits. And if we just happened to be served a game meal, then there was probably a foot somewhere to be had. Not just any foot. But the coveted left hind foot. The luckiest part of the rabbit – so the story goes. shhh! please don't call peta!

One night, as I was washing up for dinner, I noticed a peculiar gamy aroma coming from the kitchen. It was rabbit. (I detest game – any kind of game.) Despite my aversion to a rabbit meal, I was offered the trophy. A real rabbit foot. Not synthetic. Not dyed. It was rabbit colored. It was rabbit odored. It was a stick in your pocket and carry rabbit foot. I was happy … until my cat ran off with my lucky foot.

I suppose the foot did not provide me the gift of luck since I was not feeling particularly lucky. I still preferred the pink commercial foot. And my cat would not have run off with a fake foot.

On the other hand, perhaps, I was lucky. What nine year old kid wants to walk around with a foot in her pocket? So I held out... (not because I wanted to but because nobody bought me a foot!)

And good luck finally arrived by the time I was a legally licensed driver. Rabbit foot was OUT. Bottle-opener key chain was IN. Perfect for enabling the “drinking and driving” teenager phase. And, thankfully, that low-budget fad diminished fast enough and soon gave way to Gucci, the new IN for key rings.

Real (non-dyed) lucky rabbit feet can still be found at www.crookedcreekantlerart.com economically priced at $6.00. Perhaps, renewed luck would be on my side -- thirty years later. (IF I were a CPA, I would take note: a $4.00/7% annual/200% total increase over thirty years!)
Or see www.gucci.com for the classic key ring, now priced at $155.00. (a $90.00/7% annual/140% increase over twenty years! And IF I were a CPA, I would advise myself to buy one NOW because in ten years it may reach the 200% increase creating a new price of $200.00)

Or try some new luck and go for the Tiffany sterling silver heart for $235.00 or the Louis Vuitton classic Monogram Key Ring at $165.00. (Your husband will be thrilled that you gave up on the rabbit foot and held out for something memorable that he can surprise you with! And with my luck, I will be gifted the sentimental rabbit foot on my next birthday from my loving husband!!)

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