Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spots decoded

An itchy rash can be any number of self-diagnosed diseases.

An allergy to a laundry detergent. A bad reaction to sitting in a fire ant hill. A light case of sunburn/sun poisoning. An amazing reaction to 'catching' fleas from a beloved cat. A furious and drunk mosquito. A contagious unidentified rash. A non-contagious identified rash.

We are attending a party and we are inviting our trunk rash. Trunk rash is the perfect guest. It is hidden with appropriate clothing. It is silent. It is congenial. It is unassuming. It is proper. It is well-mannered. It does not overindulge. It does not overintoxicate.

Too bad all of our guests cannot be the perfect rash!

PS: It is the chicken pox
PPS: If you attended party A, then you may discover your own rash within 9-12 business days.

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