Friday, May 22, 2009

Roofer for Hire

Middleman service companies are everywhere. The middleman becomes an entrepreneur and serves as the salesperson, estimator, contract employer, and customer service. But how qualified is the middleman?

Entrepreneur: creates and sets up a business under his/her name. "Joe Schmoe's Roofing"
(Nice, catchy name)

Salesperson: "We are the best roofing business in town. We have very competitive rates. We can complete the job within two days. We are superior."
(He could sell a sandpit to a tree frog!)

Estimator: "To replace this roof, you are looking at $9,450 dollars. The existing old shingles will be removed and hauled away. New shingles will be laid."
(As a client, don't you want to know the break down for the large sum given? Where did this number come from? I believe Joe Schmoe pulled it out of his ass."

"Since your current shingles are asphalt, call your insurance company adjuster to inquire about a claim."
"Since your current shingles are wooden, your insurance company will not allow any claims. The insurance companies allowed claims about fifteen years ago if you removed your existing wood shingles and replaced them with asphalt or metal."

Contract Employer: "After you sign the 'contract', I will schedule a time/date and send over a crew to begin the deshingling."
(Translation: I need to call my brothers, cousins, nephews, uncles, brother-in-laws, friends, neighbors, and friends-of-friends and BEG them to help me. I will pay them $100 dollars per day. Whether it is a five hour or an eleven hour day, it is still $100 dollars. I will do NO work. I need to be available to answer the phone. I need to be available to screw people over for a living.)

Customer Service: "Thank you for your business. Good-bye!"

Do you know what your middleman's ROOF looks like?

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