Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's A Jungle Out Here!

First Birthday: Jungle Party Theme.

* Jungle invitations
* Monkey envelope stickers
* Jungle thank you notes
* A variety of animal print helium-filled balloons
* Giant monkey mylar balloon
* Zebra-striped table linens
* Monkey favor bags tied with zebra print ribbon
* Zebra whistles
* Elephant bubbles
* Giraffe inflatable balls
* Lion masks
* Elephant, monkey, giraffe, lion lollipops
* Lion shaped gummies
* Assorted jungle animal plates and napkins
* Monkey sippy cups

Favorite cake lady (of six years) has been commissioned to create the cake. Must give every detail to cake lady -- must be very specific. No detail left uncovered. Or you may be in for a surprise!

"One large JUNGLE cake, please!" I order. I offer a Jungle invitation as an example. The invitation is accepted and noted.

"Jungle?" asks surprised cake lady. "Not a princess, or a ONE, or bears, or Hello Kitty party?"

"Yes, a jungle with monkeys, zebras, elephants, giraffes, vines, trees. Perhaps, a toucan. But definitely a JUNGLE!"

"OK!" disgruntled cake lady agrees with a huge sigh. (I suppose we have differing opinions on what a little girl's first birthday party should be!) "Cake will be ready for pick-up at 10:00 am."
1. Pick up cake. Look at cake. Thumbs up. It looks great. Pay for cake. In a big hurry. Brows furrow. Mind is churning.

2. Drive to party destination. It is at a park ... somewhat similar to a jungle setting, just add lots of monkey children!

3. Set up party. Place cake on table. Remove cake from box. Admire. Study. Admire. Question. Admire. Utterly Confused!

The JUNGLE cake looks great, nicely decorated and smells of intoxicating delicious sugar.

But, tell me, WHAT JUNGLE on this PLANET HAS PONIES ???

Cake Lady has placed little plastic ponies all over my jungle. Like a farm. Cute... elephant, pony, monkey, pony, zebra, pony, pony, toucan, pony. UGH! I should have ordered the Princess cake!

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