Monday, May 25, 2009

Fly the Sober Skies

American, Delta, United, Northwest (which is now considered Delta), and Continental ... All airlines who claim to fly the friendly skies.

The post 9-11 craze and subsequent economic crisis has caused the airlines to cut costs. Cut the meals and snacks. Cut the travel opportunities. Cut the award miles. Cut the award redemption program. Cut the peanuts. Cut the quantity of flights from DFW to LA (two per day instead of the hourly departure).


Take out the friendly and we fly the bitter-blue skies.

Business and First Class continue to imbibe in the skies. But what about the rest of us stuck in "Third Class"?

And thank you airlines for calling our class "COACH"!

Yes, we know we have to pay $7.00 to imbibe on the high. But remember, we are in THIRD Class. If we could afford FIRST or SECOND (business), then we would be sitting in the FREE alcohol seats. If we are in THIRD, then it is safe to say that $7.00 beers are a luxury. (That equals seven beers during happy hour at Reno's. Slugging seven in an hour is definitely a luxury and a talent.)

But what about Mommies?

Mommies (with children in tow) should be greeted with a beer at check-in. A glass of wine at the gate. Another beer once seated. And another glass of wine upon take-off.

Happy Mommies make Happy Babies!

Yes, mommies should be exempt from this alcohol rule! Mommies should imbibe to survive!

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