Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Allows only the ingestion of ONE food group: FATS - sugary and sweet junk foods for all your daily meals and snacks. All FAT foods are delivered to your plate directly from a prepackaged box! No prep! All eat!

I am contemplating a change in my current dietary habits. Lately, I am having a problem with the process of food preparation and meal consumption.

It begins like this:
Raw Chicken, Beef or Poultry
Cut into smaller pieces
Cook via baking, grilling, sautéing, broiling, roasting, or boiling
Dinner is served

I cannot eat. I am having an odd aversion to any type of raw meat product.

IF I prepare it, I cannot eat it. IF I do NOT prepare it, I can eat it. Why?

Does ANYONE have this issue?

This is not new for me. It has occasionally occurred over the last twenty years. And it has been occurring more frequently in the past five years. The nausea symptoms are progressing with every meal cooked. I gag. I pass. I avoid.

Do I need therapy for this raw meat aversion?

Luckily, my husband prepares the weekly salmon meal. Thankfully, my husband prepares the yearly turkey meals at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. The cleaning of the turkey is another blog for another time!

Maybe I need to explore vegetarianism options. But all I can happen upon is Sugaritarianism!

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