Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Part I, We Won!

The finish!  And the baby is sleeping!  Whew!

Preparing for the start

Petra crossing the FINISH and receiving her Participation Ribbon. 
She ran the ONE MILE in 14 minutes. 
Way to go my 2 year old!!

Victoria and Coach Daddy finished 7th OVERALL. 
She was the first girl to cross the FINISH. 
We are so proud of her.  She is a great runner! 

Ahhh.  Done for the morning.  Now it's pancake time. 
And then off to Victoria's Soccer Game!

Second place, that is!
Winners of a "Chic-Fil-A" meal.

Wanted:  one decorated stroller for our elementary school run!

There was a contest for this "sillyness".  And Victoria wanted to enter the stroller contest because we, in fact, DO have a stroller to push during this 5K/1mile run.

How does one decorate a stroller?  Balloons?  Streamers?  Frankly, my sleep-deprived brain cannot even begin to be creative for this Saturday endeavor.  Besides, by Fridays, I am so out of it... I am amazed I even remember to pick my children up from school. 

So, there you have it.  I have NO idea what to do for a stroller?!  Originally, I contemplated decorating for Halloween but then I decided that since it is actually a school spirit run I should focus on school colors and symbols. 

Plus, a sidenote:  my husband is in Turkiye (as IN the Country that lies within two continents -- he is in the Asian continent) and I was clearly NOT invited on this trip.  So, I had to manage the home and the children and life all on my own.  Which is not too difficult nor is it stressful, but it does make me extra tired especially knowing that my loving husband is actually getting a wonderful 8 hours of UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP with ROOM SERVICE while I get to wake every three hours or so.   And adding a decorated stroller into the mix makes me extra extra tired. 

The stroller idea blossomed from a "Halloween Mantle" I saw ...
We made two Pennant Banners with Red and White triangles.  Red and White being the school colors.  The pennants were then sewn to Red, White, Blue ribbon for easy tying access to the stroller. 

The first banner read:  "SAS   W I L D C A T {paw print} R U N {school symbol}".

The second banner read:  The class of _________ .  On the red triangles, we displayed the Class 8th Grade Graduation Years for each of our daughters. 

Class of 2017.  Class of 2022.  Class of 2024. 

We were asked several times if that was High School Graduation?  or College Graduation? 
No, people, it is 8th Grade Graduation ... Graduation at the end of SAS!  There is an end.  But really, 2024 seems so far away.  Almost a JOKE.  Because one needs to add 4 years to each class year to obtain the High School Graduation date.  And add another 4 years to obtain the College Graduation date.  Do the Math.  My brain cannot comprehend those numbers.  UGH.  Can that even be possible?

Well, We WON!  Second Place.  The first place winner was a Rocket.  That's right, a rocket.  We lost to a rocket. 

We did beat the stroller with balloons and streamers!

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