Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is there still a Devil's Night?

Because I feel like I have experienced a "Devil's Week" that just happened to end on Hallow's Eve!  Actually, I hope it has ended... I really don't want this week to continue.  It's kind of getting expensive.  And we all know I would much rather spend $$$$ on *FUN*. 

Not that it was a bad week.  Nor does it have anything to do with the children.  Or spouse.  Or pets.  Or me.  Just that everything I touched ...


It's like I woke up one morning and decided to see how much damage I could experience in one week's time.  Setting a record, possibly.  This a small list of the THINGS I am claiming... some were truly NOT my fault.  But, yes, some were.  I can admit it. 

a vase that I adored ... purchased in Germany, hauled in backpack for 5 weeks, only to break it 20 years later.
a bowl ...warning:  cannot see a small glass bowl in a larger glass bowl full of soap bubbles!
a toy or three ... not including the smaller ones that I vacuumed up!
a pencil or two ... stepped on them!
several crayons ... stepped on them too!
a cabinet door ... totally fell off its hinges - not my fault - I just happened to open it at that moment.
refrigerator ... a leak?  you're kidding me? it's only 18 months old!  again, not my fault!
my vehicle ... the a/c!  At any random moment, it blasts 120 degreed AIR!! 
tile floor ... the leak ruined it.  do I call the insurance company? Or just soak it up?
window ... broken
carpet ... where did that hole come from?
key ... no longer works in door!?
crockpot ... uggghhhh
my beloved watch ... this one is a difficult one to accept as gone
microwave ... well, this one is probably my fault!  And, no, it isn't because I wanted a NEW one!

How to ruin your microwave:

1.  Gather all broken crayons lying around your home.
2.  Separate crayons by similar color.
3.  Put crayons in small glass bowl.
4.  Place in microwave for 5 minutes to melt.
5.  Pour melted crayons into molds.
6.  Cool.
7.  New Crayons!
** Repeat this cycle 10 times.
8.  Buy NEW Microwave!
**BUT, we do have cute NEW crayons!!  And a 2010 Microwave!

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