Thursday, October 21, 2010

recaps of the last six weeks

19.  The cons of owning a digital camera.

Usually, I take my camera with me at all times.  The small one.  I need to become more habitified in using the big one.  We all know the big one is better.  Better quality.  Better stabilization.  Better satisfaction.  Just Better.  By the way, I am still thinking, writing and talking about my camera. 

After one of my outings... a day of giddiness that girls seem privy to... this is NOT, I repeat, NOT, discrimination against you guys out there.  I mean, face it, we don't really laugh at the same funnies.   This day outing... was interesting because the entire town was closed.  (same town from yesterday's post - except I did not learn my lesson on visiting on a Sunday.)  Can you believe I actually returned to this town on another SUNDAY?  Insanity.  Alzheimers.  Schizophrenia (Aurora wanted to go).  Schistosomiasis. 

I wanted to buy Fig Preserves.  With Strawberries. 

I drove miles.  hours.  just for some figgy jam.  probably could have bought the same figgy jam at my grocery store less than two miles from my front door.  but, I wanted to visit the market again.  Because there is definitely a sense of humor hidden in that sleepy little farming town. 

Sidetracked... the cons of owning a digital camera.  Your husband, spouse, partner ... whoever you reside with ... can sneak peeks of the photos you have been capturing.  Before deleting.  And so the deducing begins. 

Scarecrow says, "If I only had a brain".

A trip for Strawberry Fig Preserves

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