Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Part II, Costume Contest!

Continuation from yesterday's post:

We won the Costume Contest!  First Place. 
Prize:  more chicken!! 

I liked living a quiet, unknown, wallflower-kinda, introverted life ... until the 5K/1 Mile run, that is.  I saw a "quote" that was NEW to me.  But, it may NOT be new to you...

But I laughed when I read it, the kind of laughing where you could pee your pants!  Aw, maybe I did - just a little. 

So, based on the quote, I created T-shirts for my husband and me.  Actually the T-shirts are our NEW Halloween Costumes.  For all the extroverted parties we attend!  But since the run came first, I got my adrenaline rushing and my bum in gear to get the T-shirts done before the School Run.  And so this is how we got our new nicknames at my daughters' school:


(I think my oldest may be embarrassed by us, but I'm not sure, she doesn't seem to acknowledge us in public any longer.  Because when we walked into Church to attend the evening Mass and some unknown person in the pew across the way greeted us with "HEY, it's SPEEDBUMP and FASTLANE!!" our eldest went to the restroom and returned to sit with a new and different family.)

the quote: 

My T-shirt:  FASTLANE
My husband's T-shirt:  SPEEDBUMP
The backside of FASTLANE T-shirt was changed to accomodate the run; live was replaced by run.
The backside of SPEEDBUMP announces... "AND PROUD OF IT" 

PS  The running adults got a big laugh out of it.  Especially the "MOMS".  

PPS  I am so not doggin' my husband!  He thinks the quote is funny too... maybe not "pee your pants" funny, but "chuckle, chuckle" funny.  And he is used to my sense of humor by now.

PPPS  My husband is actually a FASTLANE kind of RUNNER with a sub 2:46 Marathon time.  Yup, that's right, I can brag about my husband running 26.2 miles in less than three hours.  Because I think his marathon time is approximately my HALF marathon time.   And I am proud of his running talent. 

PPPPS  To all my neighbors, yes, that was ME on the ground taking photos of speedbumps.  I apologize to those of you who did NOT know what I was doing lying in the middle of the street.  I am not upset at the phonecalls to the police.  But I did have a difficult time explaining myself. 

PPPPPS  Halloween costumes will be for sale soon!

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