Wednesday, October 20, 2010

recaps of the last six weeks

18.  Reality Check?  Or could it be a Reality Gene?

Dear Readers (aka Mom and Dad):

Just when you think I have traded in sarcasm for sincerity, I'm baaaaaack!  I cannot believe I have been on my best writing behavior for ... well, far too many posts recently.  I need a Reality Check.  A good laugh.  And I have to say that I found it...

It may not be new.  But to me it is.  You see, I have been living under a roof without any leaks and getting out on some days is quite difficult.  My engineering husband has caulked and "great stuffed" every miniscule opening, crack, and line in the foundation, walls, ceilings, attic, etc.  I needed a bit of fresh air (although the thermometer says it is still 99 degrees!).

I visited a little ghost-cow-town of a place on a Sunday.  And when I arrived, I realized it must be owned by the Baptists (not that there is anything wrong with that) BUT every single place was CLOSED.  Not one storefront was open.  Sunday in the Bible Belt is QUIET.  Except the grocery store.  So what does one do when far from home and the only thing open is the market?  You go in.  And you browse.  For something, anything and nothing. 

And this is what I found; some good ole' TRUTH inscribed on a magnet.  My new truth.  The only truth.  The unspoken truth.  The whole truth.

I will write again soon. 

with love from south of the Mason-Dixon,
~ me

Isn't this the God-unspoken truth??

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