Thursday, October 7, 2010

recaps of the last six weeks

9.  Appointments have taken over my life.

Obgyn, Pediatrician, Dentist, Orthodontist, General Surgeon, Family Physician, Optometrist, Mammogramist, Podiatrist... I am kind of thanking God I don't have to visit a Proctologist.  Yet.  I suppose. 

My husband has been reminding me to make an appointment at an optometrist office.  I am not sure what his real motive is in bringing the subject up - recently, on a daily basis.  Our eldest daughter needs to visit one for this current year -- surely, that cannot be the reason for his daily watercooler chat regarding eyes.  And, really I am amazed at my husband's sudden on-going interest in optometry because he cannot recall any of my other one-sided conversations over the past six weeks. 

So, daughter #1 and I venture off to the "eye doctor" for a morning of dilation fun!! 

Surprise, Surprise... I am older than this doctor TOO !  Currently, I am older than all our doctors except my OB.  Seriously thinking about changing all doctors so that they are all older than me!  During my initial call, I need to ask how long these doctors have been practicing before I commit to an appointment.  This eye doctor probably graduated last May.  I am hoping he already passed his exams.

We had a few minutes of waiting time in the exam room.  We passed the time away by MEMORIZING the Eye Chart!  Yes, that's right.   I helped my daughter CHEAT on her eye exam.  

The eye doctor arrived and asked me to sit in the hotseat to demonstrate the proper way to read the chart without squinting, staring, or over-focusing.  No problem.  I have these letters memorized.  Plus, my Lasik is holding up well! 

Victoria passed with flying colors! 

But not me... OH NO... I need READING GLASSES.  The advanced-age eyewear.  Farsighted?  How can this be?  I was Nearsighted before... like I was considered legally blind for driving... with a 20/450 vision on a good day!  This conclusion was reached during my "demonstration", I was then sent for dilation, and reprimanded for memorizing the wrong chart!   What are there -- hidden cameras in the exam room?!


PS These glasses make me dizzy.  I don't think they are working. 
PPS I have only worn them ONCE.
PPPS  I am really not reading anymore. 

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