Thursday, October 14, 2010

recaps of the last six weeks

14.  Photo enforced stop lights...

Are they a good idea or a bad idea?

I feel they are a good idea -- I say catch all those "RED LIGHT RUNNERS"!  They should also be catching all the "TEXTERS while Driving" too! 

That is how I felt... until I received a surprise TICKET in the mail.  For 75 BUCKS.  Actually I said, "75 F***ing BUCKS; ARE THEY F***ing NUTS?; IS THAT EVEN MY F***ING VEHICLE?"

And there you have it folks...

You can receive a TICKET in the mail and not even recall being in that photo enforced intersection.  Because the ticket arrived 4 weeks AFTER the dated incident. 

And so I requested a HEARING.  That's right, I get to waste an entire day in court fighting this stupid ticket.  Yes, I am fighting the ticket because CLEARLY there is a GLiTCH in someone's great photo enforced traffic light IDEA... what F***ING INTELLINGENT PERSON DID THIS???

I'll give you a hint at the GLiTCH... it's THREE LITTLE WORDS:


I turned RIGHT on a RED LIGHT. 

Photo 1:  license plate number. 
Yup.  It's mine.

Photo 2:  vehicle is stopped. 
brake lights are on.  PROOF.

Photo 3:  vehicle is in middle of intersection during red light. 
Right on Red.

And now...
As in 3 days ago, a NEW photo enforced traffic light was implemented about 1/4 mile away from our house.  It is the first light I approach upon leaving my home.  It is the last light I intersect upon returning to my home.  I pass through this lighted intersection at least 10 times per day.  I turn RIGHT ON RED at this intersection at least 6 of those 10 times per day.  So I am looking forward to receiving DAILY TICKETS in the mail for all my RIGHTS ON RED. 

I am going to be spending A LOT of time in Court.  So if you are missing my blog musings, please write to the Traffic Light Photo Enforcer, PO BOX 1189, Fort Worth, TX ... he will be glad to hear from you.

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